Teach Peace Said the Universe

The other day I was driving and thinking about my next course. Literally, moments later a car in front had a sticker that said, “TEACH PEACE”.

Hey there beautiful

Yes you

You look surprised

I see you

I mean I really see you

Seeing you from the eyes of truth

Seeing beyond your inner critic

No judgment

No perfection

Seeing yourself beyond your misguided ideas

When the fog lifts away from your personal dream

Your reoccurring inner nightmare fantasy fades





Your inner light always shines

Shining the light on who you really are

Living from truth instead

A place where you have within, heaven on earth

Peace, love, happiness, understanding, and compassion

Mentored by wisdom

A soul-guided life

Natural living

Every time you come out of your personal nightmare covered in fog

No longer fearful of being yourself

Being you comes alive naturally (“how-to” steps excluded)

You already know how to be you

A wasted lifetime spent defending your identity of who you “think” you are

“It’s because of ___________”

Then you search to find yourself outside in a world of form

The worst place to look, you are not there

Every time you come out of your personal nightmare covered in fog

Being you comes alive naturally

A place where you have the freedom to flourish

To live unapologetically

To live in your natural default birth state

Love, compassion, happiness, and understanding

A place where self-judgment, self-abuse, and judging others is non-existent

Living more from your inner world

The spiritual guidance of wisdom

Wisdom is truth and comes from the formless world

You are never alone

You are always protected

The gift of life unfolds moment to moment

Only one moment is real

Living beyond the fog is when you come alive

Shining your light living from truth

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Sending you peace, light and love.

Seduced By Thought, author, spiritual mentor teacher and speaker. Helping people live beyond who they thought they were. Living an inspired life on purpose.