What If Your Feelings Came From the Outside In?

The missing link, the power of Thought that will transform your inner world of struggling in the myths of confusion to thriving in clarity.

I wanted to share a chapter from my upcoming book, Seduced by Thought. This book shines the light on the missing link, the power of Thought that will take you from suffering to happiness.

It’s not well-known and rarely talk about.

You’ll discover there’s a whole new world beyond who you thought you were.

You are a blend of spiritual energy which creates your human experience of feelings, habits, behaviors, etc. Your true essence of who you are is love.

It’s how you use the power of Thought to create pain, pleasure, suffering, prosperity, love, who you think you are, etc. Every single experience is made from the power of Thought by you.

The gift that the power of Thought provides you is the ability to think so you have the freedom and free will to think about life any way you desire.

The most important thing you’ll do every minute of the day 24/7 365 days a year upon death is to think.

You are a thinker and can use thought as a divine tool to create your life and business by being aware of your inner power.

Your inner power comes from the same spiritual intelligence that created this entire universe.

You are the creator of your moment-to-moment experiences. You go through a wide range of feelings because that is how you experience life.

It’s what we humans put into our thoughts, that dictates what we think of life. -Syd Banks

What happens when someone judges or criticizes you, cuts you off on the highway, or you have an overbooked To-Do list?

What happens when you wake up in a low cranky mood? What happens when you look out the window on a cold rainy day?

What happens when you remember your horrible past?

A flood of a wide range of feelings comes in produced by the power of Thought based on how you are thinking about those situations. Feelings are the energy you feel moving through your body.

These feelings are labeled by your mind, which is when you identify them as feeling sad, anxious, depressed, scared, stressed, overwhelmed, etc.

We’re made to experience life from thought instead of circumstances from the inside out. Our thought system works as designed.

When you are not aware of this it looks so compelling that our feelings come from the outside in. It’s the best magic trick that creates the illusion that our feelings come from somewhere other than ourselves.

Let’s explore for a moment and test it out.

Exploring allows you to let go and look into a new direction you haven’t seen yet. Simplicity, a new path to pure love and freedom.

If feelings did come directly from your experience of dealing with a difficult person or from your horrible past, or your control freak boss or from your habits, your dwindling bank account, or the long dark, cold days of winter, you would be a victim of circumstance.

You’d feel helpless, hopeless and blame everyone and every terrible experience of life. You’d live life in victim mode and live and lower levels of consciousness. Life would feel hard.

Everyone in the world would respond and react the same way. Everyone would have the same opinions about religion, politics, vaccinations, the pandemic, etc.

You would have no way out of suffering.

Life feels hard and hopeless. when you continue to subscribe to the struggle of attempting to manage your emotions, thinking, stress and anxiety. A life sentence for living on planet earth.

You wouldn’t have free will and the freedom to change how you felt.

You would try to change your outside situations to feel better.

You would develop habits and behaviors, so you could feel calmer, happier, and peaceful.

You would try to lose those last 10 pesky pounds so you could love yourself.

You would try to feel financially secure by working 100 hours a week on your business from lack, trying to create unlimited prosperity.

You would depend upon the love of your life so you could finally feel happy, loved, worthy, and most of all, not lonely.

You would spend your lifetime trying to get approval from your perfectionist mother.

You would push through fear to put yourself out there in the world because you feel shy and introverted.

You would move to a warmer and sunnier climate so you could finally feel happy.

You would have the hardship of trying to fix, manage and control your thinking and emotions using made-up tools, techniques, and strategies.

You would try to think positively.

You would try to figure out who’s the voice you keep hearing that says, “you’ll never amount to anything.”

You would try to install new positive beliefs and get rid of the limiting beliefs you build an entire life around.

You would sign up for the latest and greatest clickbait blogs promising you freedom, happiness, and how to find your authentic voice and by influencers with a large social media following.

You would talk about your problems for 10+ years, looking for reasons why life happened to you and how to make peace with your past so you can feel better, move on and love yourself.

As you see, life is a struggle which is a significant implication when we don’t understand how we are the creator of our own experiences.

The big question you would ask yourself is if my circumstances were different would my life be better?

I don’t see how feelings are given to us from a person, place, habits, food, or things unless I’ve missed something.

It’s simply not possible because we are spiritual beings and not designed to live life from the outside in.

No one or situation or circumstances has special powers to make you feel any way you don’t want.

No one can make you feel guilty, sad, angry, depressed, or happy. Only you have the power to do so.

All feelings come from you as you use this invisible power of Thought to feel, create and experience life.

You are wicked powerful, and you always have an option to use this inner power to create suffering or well-being.

I’m curious, how will you use your newly found power to create now that you see a whole new world unfolding that you didn’t see before?

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